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          Al Duff, Jr. is a Mechanical Engineer by trade, Pastor of The Victory Zone! in Oxnard, CA, Founder and President of Speak to Me!, Executive Diamond & Board Member of Ijascode—Hands-Off Marketing System, and recent past co-host of Kingdom Life Conversations, a Christian Radio show.  

         Affectionately known as “Pastor Al”, he is a dependable and trustworthy personality, a visionary, balanced with both technical and prophetic insight who is often sought out for prayer, wisdom and counsel.  Known for his engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring messages, Pastor Al feels most fulfilled when serving and seeing others walk into their purpose and destiny in life.  

        Al Duff, Jr. is a popular keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor, coach, Teacher of the Gospel and friend to many.  He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad –most recently to the land of the Bible in Israel and Greece, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share!  Get excited, as he is also writing his first book!

Pastor Al Duff Jr.

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